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Our projects


EuroBasket 2013 was not only the biggest sporting event in Slovenia until then, but also the biggest challenge we faced in the agency. Namely, we took responsibility for the marketing of the event in the field of sponsorships and 'hospitality' services. We put all our support that the event made partnerships with 13 official sponsors and several other partners who connected with the event and contributed financial and value in-kind resources in the amount of more than EUR 3 million to its implementation. 

In addition to the actual marketing of sponsorship collaborations, on behalf of the organizer, we also took care of all the necessary support for sponsors in their activation of acquired rights. Sport Media Focus also designed and marketed the hospitality ticket products with an emphasis on the marketing of VIP boxes in the Stožice Hall in Ljubljana. The agency's initiative was also to hold a very special basketball match on the sea level in the Bay of Koper, where the veteran star selections of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia competed as part of the EuroBasket 2013 event announcement.