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Our projects


WOMEN’S EHF EURO 2022 was the biggest women’s sporting event ever hosted in Slovenia. Since women sport has not been mainstream, there was a big challenge to Slovenian Handball Federation – how to attract bigger media and public attention, sell tickets and organise a successful event? We prepared a promotional strategy with clear goals and activities built around women’s empowerment in sport and sustainability. We wanted to show the strength of women, so we brought together 16 strong women ambassadors from different areas and the big music star in the region - Senidah. Together with her we built up the official song and produced video with young handball players with the same title as the slogan of the event: Play With Heart. The song reached over 600.000 views.

We worked on handball storytelling with content creation and out-of-the-box activities. We brought together all Slovenian women’s handball clubs and delivered unforgettable experience for more than 1.000 young handball players who delivered handball from one host city to another (from Celje Zlatorog Arena to Stožice Arena) with 12 hours of running and passing the ball through more than 80 kilometres. All our activities gave strength also to our national team players. They achieved their best result at European championships and brought to the arena more than 5.000 fans for a couple of the games. Women’s Euro 2022 was a manifestation of women’s empowerment, sustainability, and sport. Our mission was successful, and we believe this event will leave strong legacy to other similar events in Slovenia.