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One of the most recognizable symbols of the Olympic movement is also an ideal occasion for spreading the most important messages of Olympic values and for the feeling of the Olympic spirit in every part of Slovenia. That is why, in cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - the Association of Sports Associations, already in 2021, before the Games in Tokyo, we prepared a three-month journey of the Slovenian torch, which touched all corners of Slovenia and greeted thousands of enthusiastic torch bearers during the visit to all 212 municipalities.

In 82 working days in the spring and summer of 2021, the torch ‘ran’ more than seven thousand kilometres, it was carried by more than nine thousand official bearers, and the active participation of the municipalities helped the torch find countless beautiful corners of Slovenia and impressed the crowds.

In connection with this large project, under the supervision of the client, our agency took over the implementation of the entire route of the torch, cooperated with regional offices of OKS-ZŠZ, municipalities, sponsors and other partners of the Olympic family, ensured a smooth path for the torch bearers, organized events, engaged well-known Slovenian athletes and coordinated sponsorship initiatives and media coverage of the project.

According to the management of OKS-ZŠZ, the project perfectly connected sport for all, top sport, the local level, mayors, sports clubs and other organizations, who, with such a connecting journey of the flame, quickly expressed their wish for the project to become traditional or connected with the promotion of the next Olympic Games. Thus, in 2024, the Sport Media Focus agency will also implement the Slovenian Torch 2024 project at the initiative of the Olympic movement, whereby the path of the flame will be further upgraded and supplemented according to the experience from 2021. With the new three-month adventure, which will start with a visit to the first municipalities in April 2024 and end a few days before the opening of the Olympic Games in Paris in July 2024, there will be an even greater emphasis on connecting the Olympic spirit with the local community, and both municipalities and sponsors will have even more opportunities to co-create the content of torch visits throughout Slovenia.