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Our projects


Sport Media Focus worked closely with UEFA and FA Slovenia on the build-up to the UEFA Futsal EURO 2018. Since futsal in Slovenia with its small hard-core base has not been positioned as a mainstream sport in the past and had niche coverage in the leading media in the country, it was crucial to position the upcoming championship as a premium UEFA brand sporting event and to bring world of futsal closer to the hearts of the Slovenian (sports) audience. The positioning was determined through the tone of voice, which was engaging, positive and inspiring with aim to present the essence of futsal as exciting, dynamic and skilful sport (under umbrella claim/motto Masters of Skills) while Futsal EURO Slovenia itself was positioned as an event beyond just sport.

All activities have tried to follow the broader agenda of involvement of the futsal community, gender equality, close co-operation with football world and involvement of other key stakeholders. Milestone events (such as 1 Year to Go Kick-off, Countdown Clock revealing, Futsal Relay, Trophy Tour, Official Draw) were positioned as key platforms, around which the communication and digital activities were built. Activities led to different measurable successful outcomes, last but not least more than 100.000 spectators during the championship in the Stožice Arena.