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Our projects



In 2016, we started the PREPARATIONS (PRIPRAVE) project, which brings together runners with the purpose of socializing, enthusiasm and motivation for exercise. We have created the largest running community in Slovenia, which is active all year round. We designed the project in its entirety, designed the visual image, implemented marketing communication and took care of highlighting the project in the key segment. With the help of the community and sponsors, we facilitate regular weekly running trainings, we organize special monthly running meetings, where the participation is always between 100 and 300 runners. In our work, we aim to create inspiration and encouragement for runners.

In the Agency, we assumed the entire organizational role, and on the other hand, marketing support to sponsors and partners who decided to participate in the project. In all the years of operation, we have united over 5.000 runners, we have organized over 100 running gatherings with at least 100 participants in various places around Slovenia, we have visited marathons in other countries. Together with sponsors, we provided partner brands with marketing support, exposure in the field of active lifestyle and created experiences. In 2022, we expanded the project to Croatia under the PRIPREME brand and connected with the Zagreb marathon.

Runners at Adidas Bridge Run across river Ljubljanica, on September 8, 2018 in Tromostovje, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by Vid Ponikvar / Sportida